National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has concluded testing for Glow’s SafeTeam product. Results met or exceeded Glow’s previous tests.

SafeTeam improves safety for NHS community teams by transforming their smartphone into a Lone Worker Alarm.

Rigorous scientific testing by NPL showed 100% of SOS alarms were delivered across all three channels, and within 5 seconds for SMS.

  • Deliverability 100%
  • Desktop within 2 sec
  • SMS within 5 sec
  • Email within 1 min

“NPL leads the world in scientific measurement and to have the reliability and speed of our product independently scientifically confirmed in this way is reassuring, both for us and customer trusts. The results could not have been better and we’re building this measure into our value proposition” 

Phil Blything

“The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has concluded independent testing for Glow’s SafeTeam product which demonstrated its ability to exceed all key deliverables for the software”

Irshaad Fatadin

National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the UK's National Metrology Institute, developing and maintaining the national primary measurement standards. It is a Public Corporation owned by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Glow worked with NPL under the M4R programme.


Images used with kind permission of the National Physical Laboratory.

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