Content Creation

For those organisations who understand quite how important great content is, Glow’s multi disciplinary team are the difference between good and great. Your team are undoubtedly the subject matter experts, but unless you’re focussed every day on making the data beautiful, on making the interactions slick and obsessive about getting the absolute best experience to your user, whatever device they’re using this minute, then talk to us about making your content stand out.

If content is King, the user is Kingmaker

Users have a strange power over publishers. It’s a power in numbers, the power to upvote or downvote. To share or to ignore. Sadly, most marketers and publishers stop at adding share buttons and frequently fail to deliver content so good, it will get shared even if there are no share buttons. Making content that good does not happen by accident and it’s far from easy.

Great content underpins your SEO strategy

Ranking well without great content is a thankless and pointless task. Why would any self respecting search engine rank pages with poor content? Simply put, outstanding content is the barrier to entry for good search strategy.

What does “Content” mean, anyway?

From written copy to video, content takes all forms but we all know the good content when we find it. It’s so good you have to take action. Writing in your notebook, bookmarking, sharing or simply saying wow. That content might be an article, infographic, game, software tool or a video. Whatever the form, using the right format, producing it professionally and deploying it well are key advantages that our team bring to clients.

Big win for Glow at the Big Chip Digital Awards

Glow New Media has been recognised in the Big Chip Awards 2015, winning in the Best Application of Mobile category for the Merseyrail official passenger app. The app was also shortlisted this year for the Best User Experience award.