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Bolton Museum

Bolton museum commissioned Glow to create two fun and educational games as part of their outreach services.

Boltstamps - Spot the Difference shown here and also Canopic Capers.

The Brief

Bolton museum challenged Glow to create two, informative educational games which would be fun and convey information about Egyptian history and the Cotton Trade.

The Result:

Glow created two fiercely addictive games, Conopic Capers and Boltstamps - Spot the difference.

Canopic Capers

Egyptian Mummies are an all-round museum favourite but the embalming process is more involved and grisly than many realise. The organs had to be removed and stored with due ceremony in the appropriate canopic jar. In Canopic Capers, the player has to guide the organs into the right jar in time! Play Canopic Capers here. 

Boltstamps – Spot the difference

In the 18th Century, the cotton trade was a mainstay of the British economy. Times were prosperous and each cotton mill would brand their bales of cotton with a Bolt Stamp. These colourful and intricate stamps feature wonderful, inventive designs but have faded into near obscurity. Glow developed a spot the difference game using these designs. Play Boltstamps – spot the difference here.

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