Deep Expertise in Digital Innovation: Web | Design | App | Development

Glow first lit up screens with creative digital content and novel software development 17 years ago. We started out like many a digital agency, designing websites, pioneering mobile apps, integrating software systems and executing digital marketing campaigns which we still love to do.

Like you though, we’re inexorably drawn to innovation and its particular, sometimes counterintuitive challenges.

We've had the privilege to invent and commercialise novel software products which keep our NHS workers safe and help them meet NetZero goals. We’ve learned how to operationalise genuinely new technology at platform scale in the 8th largest employer in the world.

So when you trust Glow to light up those screens for you, you’re hiring a small, agile, dependable, pragmatic and highly capable team who have been on your journey before, not only for hundreds of clients over the years, but from the depths of our own hard won experience.

The interface between the disciplines is where you’ll find our best work, in healthcare operations, healthtech and medtech and we’re known for strong technical capabilities in UX, Real time positioning, mobile / web architecture and enterprise integration.

It’s an incredible time to be inventing the future. Is it time to begin yours?