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Glow New Media announced as National Technology Awards Finalist

14 March 2017

Digital agency joins some of UK’s best known brands for national technology showcase

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#GlowAhead : Are the CIA watching through my smart TV?

09 March 2017

Wikileaks has published documents suggesting the CIA are developing the means to spy through our smart TVs. Here's our take on what that actually means.

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#GlowAhead - Leading change in a traditional organisation

21 February 2017

Phil talks to Director of Communications for Liverpool Cathedral, Stuart Haynes about the challenges of leading change in the organisation and how digital has changed communications.

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#GlowAhead : Thom explains what Botnets are

14 February 2017

Cybersecurity is increasingly in the news and Botnets are sometimes mentioned, but what are they?

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Awesome 404s

09 December 2016

Sometimes, the page you're looking for isn't there - that's when the unsung hero of webpages gets to shine.

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Glow shortlisted as ‘Digital Pioneer', UK Rail Industry Awards

28 November 2016

Glow has been shortlisted for the My Train Journey app which we developed after winning a national rail industry challenge.

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Inspiring young learners with BIMA DigitalDay

17 November 2016

Glow took part in Digital:Day 2016 partnering with Alsop High school.

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Notes on AdTech New York

08 November 2016

Glow visited AdTech to see how the industry is moving - here's our summary for you.

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Glow Achieve Certified Partner Status with UMBRACO

26 October 2016

This week, Glow qualified amongst a select group of certified partners and passed with flying colours, achieving 96% overall score.

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Have you been smombied?

01 August 2016

Walking through cities is hazardous enough these days, and now there’s something new to worry about. Pedestrians who are engrossed in their mobile phone.

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