Transport Systems Innovation

Today, transport systems can bring together passenger apps, staff apps, middleware, web systems, CIS screens, IoT sensors, data integrations, social media dashboards and more.

Glow create fully customised, integrated transport systems for your transport operation, bringing together any combination of these elements and enabling, precise real time information flow, appropriate to each user.

The Transport Infrastructure Problem

Modern economies depend on transport. Populations are outgrowing infrastructure and digital technology is setting expectations of instant gratification, which current transport  modes are in no position to deliver. Frustrated passengers vent their anger on social media, but twitter storms are the symptom, not the problem.

While better transport is, ultimately, the solution, infrastructure takes too long.

Transport Optimisation Solution

That means we need to get the most out of current capacity that we possibly can. If Olympic medals can be won through the “aggregation of marginal gains” then so can improved transport.

So whilst we struggle with ageing infrastructure, because there's no choice, why apply that thinking to our information systems?

We can use amazing connected devices to:

Avoid disruption

Avoid disrupted modes and times with real time info

Minimise disruption

optimised resource management

Increase safety

location awareness and "Help" features

Help vulnerable passengers

Staff automatically aware of vulnerable user

Lower risk

Better visibility, accountability and audit

Quicker repairs

Get repair vans to where they are needed more quickly

Operational efficiency

Partially or fully automate the dispatch function

Realtime awareness

Create a real-time situational overview

Big win for Glow at the Big Chip Digital Awards

Glow New Media has been recognised in the Big Chip Awards 2015, winning in the Best Application of Mobile category for the Merseyrail official passenger app. The app was also shortlisted this year for the Best User Experience award.