Logo Design & Brand Development

Effective branding can be invaluable for the growth and success of any business. Your brand is the first opportunity to tell customers how your company differs from the competition.

A strong brand will have an emotional impact on an audience.

The Brief

We'll begin by listening. You, your organisation, your customers, their goals and aspirations all impact on how you're perceived. That feeds through to your visual identity and your logo design. You may have a really clear idea or be looking for suggestions but either way, as your design and branding company we'll talk through your needs and formulate the brief with you.

It's a competitive world and not just for businesses – for anyone who wants to be noticed. We'll research your market and seek to understand the brief in context of what you do. We'll gain a sense of who is already out there and what they do well, or not so well.

What’s in a name?

Once we’ve done our research and fully understand your market strategy we can start to create your brand. If you’re starting from a fresh we’ll help you pick a strong name that will be instantly recognisable.

This task can become a real burden on your own, we’re here to help.

Whether you're making the name up like Skype, using a misspelling like Google or designing an acronym or pun.

Logo Design Liverpool

The logo is the centrepiece of any brand. Your logo should be a symbol for everything that your company represents.

Our aim is to ensure that when your customer sees your logo they will be able to quickly connect it with everything your business is about. You can see some of our logo design liverpool examples above.

We will ensure that your logo design is unique, memorable, professional and easily reproducible. Using your brief, our research and our experience as a branding company we will help you design a timeless logo.

The Crucial details

What separates you from the rest? Branding doesn’t just stop at your logo design. Organisations need to consider a range of possibilities when creating their brand.

Don’t worry, as your branding company we can help you with these choices. From the font family and recommended measurements to finding a unique colour for your brand.


What does a colour mean to you? What does it mean to your clients?


Is your organisation rounded and bold or sharp and edgy?


What images are relevant to your aim?


What font do your competitors use? How does your font choice reflect your company?

Typographic or Device

Should you use a graphic device or simply great typography?

Consistency & Brand Guidelines

To really produce a brand, consistency is needed across the whole of the organisation. An unmistakable logo and consistent branding across all of your stationery and communication speaks volumes about how professionally you are approaching your business.

We can help you create consistency by designing your brand in such a way that you can promote it using all media, starting from business cards to online advertisements. Once your brand has been designed we will create design guidelines for your brand. Including black and white variances of your logo design, the background colours your logo may and may not be printed on, the amount of white space needed around your logo, various font sizes and minimum and maximum sizes for your logo.

If you would like to discuss your logo design and branding ideas contact Phil Blything to find out more.

Big win for Glow at the Big Chip Digital Awards

Glow New Media has been recognised in the Big Chip Awards 2015, winning in the Best Application of Mobile category for the Merseyrail official passenger app. The app was also shortlisted this year for the Best User Experience award.