Dependable payment systems whatever the channel

Consumer Ecommerce

Retail and consumer can be a fickle beast. Online, attention spans are short & price competition is intense. Strategy, Usability & Speed are vital competitive advantages. It’s a world we’re used to and our team are ready to extend your capabilities and make your e-tail awesome.

Business to Business (B2B) Ecommerce

B2B ecommerce brings a whole new set of problems. Reseller vs direct pricing, price transparency, systems integration and customised processes, stock systems, CRM & ERP. Memberships, Utilities Portals, OEM to Distributors, CPD training systems, Booking Systems, we’ve made them all and enabled the payments, no matter how complicated, or simple.

Ecommerce Platforms

Glow are fully accredited NOP Commerce partners and specialists in this trusted, robust platform. We work with a range of alternatives if you prefer.

Simple Payment Solutions

Often, early stage businesses prefer to work with PayPal or a similar simple solution. Although the fees may be high per transaction, the lack of standing or ongoing fees can be an attractive way to get started. The lack of customisation may become a problem and often, more mature businesses need a more featured solution.

Payment Service Providers (PSP’s)

When you need control of the checkout recommend using a third party Payment Service Provider such as Secure Trading or Worldpay which will allow us to control the look and feel of the on screen payment process. You'll also be able to obtain better rates per transaction. Glow are happy to advise and help you get the best arrangement with your PSP and acquirer.

Payment Models

Most payment systems are based on simple checkout billing but sometimes, perhaps with subscriptions, there's a need for recurring payments. Glow will help you understand the best approach for your business and navigate the difficulties of getting set up to receive funds.

Payments Through App Stores

Using inbuilt payment systems for iOS or Android has advantages, particularly frictionless payment. Apple for example already have verified card details, identity verified and contract in place with their users, so you can make use of one touch purchase. Be aware though that within the apple ecosystem, apple make the rules and typically command 30% commission on your sale. In some circumstances, Apple will not permit merchants to sell. Glow will help you navigate through the options and choose the best for your business.

Need it Secure?

We can provide 2048 bit Encrypted SSL Security and full PCI compliance to keep your data and users safe.

Understand Ecommerce Buying Behaviour

With ecommerce, everything is measurable, and that includes revenue which you can track back to its source, down to the penny. We'll make sure your site tracks it all with Metrics & Analytics and that you know how to understand the results. When you know what you're looking for, you can target your offering with precision and maximise your ecommerce revenue. We can help you with conversion optimisation, making sure that you make the most of every hard won visit. 

E-commerce Marketing Strategy Development

The best ecommerce businesses constantly strive to improve their service and marketing communications. Attracting the right prospects, converting them to customers and retaining their repeat business ultimately comes from your Digital Marketing Strategy. If you need help with your ecommerce marketing strategy, get in touch.

Ecommerce Training - in Liverpool, London or your location

Selling online means you're competing with the world so you need world class skills if you want to succeed. Many ecommerce businesses choose to develop an in house team to manage day to day activity. We can train, mentor and support your team as they grow. We regularly run our Ecommerce Bootcamps in Liverpool and often create bespoke ecommerce training programmes for our clients. Photo: Our ecommerce liverpool bootcamp.

Big win for Glow at the Big Chip Digital Awards

Glow New Media has been recognised in the Big Chip Awards 2015, winning in the Best Application of Mobile category for the Merseyrail official passenger app. The app was also shortlisted this year for the Best User Experience award.