Software Consultancy

Rarely do our Mobile Apps and Websites exist in isolation. Whether integrated or not, they are usually part of a customer or user journey, and that journey is enabled by more than one piece of software.

Glow have been solving problems and delivering joined up software for over a decade - clients value our experience and often ask us to help them find or configure the right tools for their purpose.

If a solution exists, why reinvent the wheel? But don’t let poor software decisions cripple your operation for years to come. You need to know that the software you’re choosing is fit for purpose. Glow will help you flush out those unknown unknowns before they become a problem.

Once you’ve made a balanced decision, it’s likely you’ll need some practical help to get your systems running, both people and software. It’s surprising how often it’s the people side of the equation where things can go wrong. Our experienced professionals working alongside your team bring in the security and confidence you need to transition to your new software.

Big win for Glow at the Big Chip Digital Awards

Glow New Media has been recognised in the Big Chip Awards 2015, winning in the Best Application of Mobile category for the Merseyrail official passenger app. The app was also shortlisted this year for the Best User Experience award.