We’re called Glow, because that’s what screens do, and that’s where you’ll see our work.

Glow has been delivering on digital promises for a decade, delighting clients from Norway to Australia and winning awards along the way.

We've lost count of the projects, but they all began with a client, undertaking a transformation, which depended on digital channels.

For each of them, the need for a trusted, expert, cross disciplinary, digital agency was paramount. One they could depend on. Who could challenge them to go further, to pick the right technologies and excel, rather than flogging every new digital fad that comes along (QR codes, anyone?).

Of course, we would tell you this. Words are wind, after all.

Which is why you'll judge us by our actions. Our portfolio tells our story in code and creativity. Pixels and metrics and the testimonials of delighted clients.

None of it was easy, but making it look that way is why we do it.