Glow has been delivering on digital promises for 17 years, delighting clients from Norway to Australia, winning awards and accolades along the way.


We've lost count of the projects, but they all began with a client, undertaking a transformation, which depended on digital.

For each of them, the need for a trusted, expert, cross disciplinary, digital team was paramount.

One they could depend on. Who could challenge them to go further, to pick the right technologies and use them for the right reasons, making the right decisions, difficult though that can sometimes be.

Our team are increasingly capable having invented and fully commercialized our own proprietary technology which makes NHS teams safer and even improves their progress towards NetZero.

Having walked that (incredibly difficult) walk, you can have confidence we know how it’s done.

Of course, we would say all of this.

Which is why you'll judge us by our actions. Our portfolio tells our story in code and creativity. Pixels and metrics and the testimonials of delighted clients.

None of it was easy, but making it look that way is why we do it.