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Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce exists to provide development, growth and sustained economic viability to Chamber members and the wider business community of Liverpool City region.


Review and improve the user experience of the Liverpool Chamber Website.

Shorten user journeys, emphasise commercial paths and suggest other improvements. After a detailed usability review of the Liverpool Chamber website Glow recommended that the emphasis of the site needed to be shifted toward the user and away from Liverpool Chamber, whilst dramatically simplifying and reorganising the site structure which had reached 24 items on the top level navigation.

The Result

Working closely with Liverpool chamber, Glow created the new site which now has only 5 items on the top level navigation, rationalising the content into clear, easy to understand structure.

The entire site is now setup around the chamber member, longstanding or prospective. Glow creates several innovative areas which are new or significantly enhanced:

Member Directory
The heart of the Liverpool Chamber Website from the point of view of the member is the directory. It’s where chamber members promote themselves and find each other to do business with. The old, simple directory has been enhanced to give each and every member a rich functional page of their own which is loaded with features such as feeds for their own social media content, their own news and events, their own contact form and dynamic location map.

Member Content Submission System
Liverpool Chamber receives press releases, events, articles and updates from hundreds of businesses each month. They come in all sorts of forms - pdf, word, fax, email– many are hard to put into the required format for web, print, social media etc. Glow created a member content submission system which streamlines, standardises and automates the process. Now, all content is received in a standard, formatted way and Liverpool Chamber can approve each submission into their various outbound channels. The system saved considerable time even in its first week of operation.

Events System
The events system has been rethought, now making heavy use of maps to show event location and allowing members to promote their own events.

CRM Integration
Liverpool Chamber use a powerful, custom CRM system which contains much of the member information. Glow integrated with this CRM system to enable easy, two way exchange of data.

Responsive Design
Users loading the new Liverpool Chamber Website on a mobile device will automatically see a site specifically optimised for that device. This responsive design adapts to the user's environment and simplifies the user experience in line with the device's screen size.

We asked Glow to make a real change in our website so that our members could reap the benefits...to actively encourage chamber members to engage with each other and do business. We are delighted with the results!

Jenny Stewart, Chief Operating Officer - Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

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