Software works better when it's connected

Often, systems work better when they’re connected, but frequently, when they were commissioned, nobody knew they ought to talk to each other. That’s where systems integration comes in.

Glow frequently integrate software systems in order to deliver projects for our clients. We’ve integrated systems for National Rail, NHS and Beckman Coulter.

When systems integration is done well, the user has no idea it was even necessary, but behind the scenes, two or more databases may be swapping complex information in realtime, across the web, ensuring that nothing is lost, overwritten or corrupted.

Examples of systems we've integrated before:

Payment Systems

Web with Mobile, PSPs and Accounting software, custom finance reporting

Transport Data

Official real time transport data with passenger apps, websites and staff applications

Sales & CRM

Custom sales apps to enterprise CRM & Microsoft Active Directory


Middleware to voice telephony systems


Ticketing websites & consumer Channel to ticketing stock management

Call Centre

Custom booking software to call centre operations management software

The Technology

There are many ways to bring systems together, and choosing the right ones for your purpose often involves judging budget against requirement. Too light a touch might not do what you need. Too heavy might be inappropriate for your budget. Use our experience to guide you. Examples of integration technologies include:


Simple software embedding & iframes

Web Services


Application Programming Interfaces (API)

We can create or work with existing APIs

Direct Database Integration

Where required, we can enable direct database integrations


Glow Shortlisted, Big Chip Awards!

Glow New Media were chosen for the shortlist in this year’s Big Chip Awards - Best Ebusiness category.