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NGPod Global - medical device app for user training and certification

NGpod Global is a multi award winning medical device manufacturer and the pioneering innovator behind the NGPod Tube placement confirmation device. Nasogastric feeding tube misplacement is a problem - feeding tubes can be misplaced into the lungs rather than stomach, with disastrous consequences. 2-4% of all tubes are misplaced. NGPod Global has pioneered a safer, quicker and more cost effective way to ensure correct NG tube placement. NGPod Handheld Device uses a simple and effective pH test to provide a clear Yes / No answer to the clinician at the point of tube placement and is CE marked, in use with NHS, available from NHS supply chain.

The Brief:

NGPod wanted to digitally scale up and automate the provision of training and certification for clinicians using the device, particularly in view of the need for social distancing during the COVID19 pandemic.

It was also desirable to standardise and move away from person to person training delivery which is difficult to scale.

The Result:

Glow worked alongside the business, to create a suite of medical device apps including Android, iOS and Web apps which now enable the latest device training materials, videos and documents to be managed and delivered, at scale to clinicians.

The system also allows the clinician to undertake scored certification and to receive an instant result, certificate and to be registered as a certified user.

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