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Walton Neurobot

More than 15 million general practice appointments are being wasted each year because patients do not attend.

This costs £216 million per year. This has been exacerbated by the COVID crises. Walton Neurobot is a concept for patient facing chatbot which allows patients to manage their appointments using natural language chat, confirming, rearranging or cancelling appointments. Conceived by world renowned neurologist, Dr Abhijit Das, Walton Neurobot won round three of Glow’s Healthtech Prototyper.

The Project:

Rapid Prototyping for NHS trusts

Glow worked closely with Dr Das and his team at The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, to understand their vision for the Neurobot and help them shape the product vision and develop a prototype for the Neurobot.

The Result:

Delivering healthcare innovation in weeks

The rapid prototype was complete from start to finish in weeks. This rapid prototyping of a complex software product, requiring multiple, interdepartmental touchpoints and patient access has already allowed the trust to make better decisions about its innovation programme.

Glow’s work aligns perfectly with The Walton Centre’s innovation agenda, with their user experience approach being an incredibly helpful and cost-effective way for us to see an end point of an idea

Dr. Andrew Rose - Head of Commercial Engagement, NHS Walton Centre

I’m really impressed with the speed of getting a visual prototype up and running with Glow. it gives us something very visual to work towards and use to engage colleagues across the Trust.

Dr Abhijit Das Consultant Neurologist

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