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When the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus pandemic struck, Glow joined the national effort.

On 25th March we concentrated all efforts, pro bono, on helping in the most useful way we could. We believed that the best approach was to rapidly stand up a (non medicalised) COVID 19 Self Declaration tool which would deploy at national scale and allow any citizen to self declare if they were OK, had symptoms or were recovered.

Identifying the undiagnosed population was vital to understanding the scale and spread of the pandemic

We knew that the UK healthcare system was very good at understanding the infection numbers for patients who had presented, but that the numbers for citizens who had not presented were unknown, that the peak was only a few weeks away and that it was unlikely the antibody tests would be in place in order to understand the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic in near real time.

We made sure that the team at NHSx (who were leading on the national effort) were aware of our project and got to work, doing what we do best - rapidly designing, prototyping and developing healthtech apps.

We delivered working Android App in 1 week from a cold start and public launch in 3 weeks. This included Concept, Requirements, Planning, UX, Design, Native Android App, iOS App, MS SQL Server Database, API, Web Control System, Real Time Web Dashboard, Logo, Public Website, and Validation from volunteer pilot test group cohorts of over 20 users each pilot.

With invaluable help from AIMES who provided a customised medical grade secure hosting environment, ready in less than 48 hours, and Hill Dickinson who advised on Terms of Use in record time we had created a means of following the spread of the pandemic, with the capability to resolve data down to local level and as recent as 30 second resolution.


The Conclusion

Over the three weeks, the national response evolved and NHSx decided to support only the official contact tracing app.

Whilst we were ready to deploy before the peak, we stood down in favour of the national effort, proud of our achievement.

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