We’ve all heard the talk of economic downturn – banks failing, house prices are heading south and retail businesses are going under but how will it affect you?

That’s a question most people are asking, especially business owners, most of whom have yet to see direct consequences. We can say this much though – the world will carry on, even if disposable income gets a bit tight.
So what happens to businesses when disposable income gets tight? A few less luxuries perhaps?

One luxury you can’t afford in any economic climate is waste.

Digital Marketing is accountable because it lets you track the amount you spend against the results (leads and sales) that it is directly responsible for.

That means you can track Return On Investment easily. The idea is simple – if you’re spending to generate results, using digital marketing can help you identify what works and what doesn’t.

Do more of what works, stop doing what doesn’t work and watch your bottom line.

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