During Summer 2018, I was offered an internship at Glow Media in which I was given a project. The main aim of the project was to film promotional footage which could be used on the Glow Media website and their social media. As I study Media Production at John Moores University this helped greatly in improving both my camera and editing skills, both essential elements within my course and future career. Filming professional footage for a website was a task I had never personally done before, therefore the opportunity provided by Glow Media was a new experience which offered the chance to expand my skills.

One of the first and most important lesson I learnt whilst filming footage was considering the composition of the entire frame. Often, I focused on the main shot rather than the ‘mise en scene’ of the background which can often ruin a shot. Therefore, when filming I learnt to consider not just what is nearest the camera but also what is visible behind. Once again linking to composition, I have learnt that often shots taken using the rule of thirds, when footage is positioned to the side instead of central, is most effective when used on a website. A centrally positioned shot can cause the footage to appear too crowded whereas people and objects positioned nearer one side appears minimalistic and focuses the audience’s attention. 

Another skill I have developed is to be aware of the lighting. When filming in different rooms often this can change. To keep the lighting consistent throughout each shot meant that, in this instance, natural light had to be used rather than artificial due to natural light being used within my first couple of shots. This links back to the skill of ensuring the surrounding area is perfected before continuing with the shot. 

Filming for Glow Media gave me the chance to use a camera slider and a Canon C100 camera, both of which I have never previously used. This further development my skills with equipment that first years in university often aren’t able to use. When editing the footage, I was able to broaden my editing skills on both After Effects and Premiere Pro by being given the freedom to experiment with the movement of footage, using key frames, and various effects. 

The internship offered by Glow Media helped greatly in furthering my skills for my university course. I experienced what a career in the media industry would involve and how to organise a project efficiently whilst also meeting a group of friendly and welcoming people on the way. I am so grateful to have been given this enjoyable experience and will take the skills I have learnt on board for the future. 

Thank you Glow Media!

Andy Moglione, Web Designer at Glow New Media said:

"Jess has worked really hard over the last few weeks and has produced some great quality video for our website. We're really happy with how she's done and hope to see her skills continue to grow." 

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