Version 10 sounds quite recent, doesn't it, but bear in mind it came out nearly 6 years ago. Web Designers can sometimes be hasty in retiring old browsers, but it’s usually with good reason.

The longer your browser list, the more time your project will take making sure cross browser compatibility is spot on.

Another reason to choose your supported browser list carefully is that the older browsers don’t support newer technologies and that’s not just bells and whistles.

This tweet, for example:

TLS Tweet


Joe Wright makes a good point, although perhaps in jest.

PCI compliance requires minimum TLS v1.1. For non techies, here's an explanation. Other examples abound. The NHS was more vulnerable than it should have been to the Wannacry attack, simply because it was running old software.

So, do yourself, your user and your web designer a favour - cross IE10 off the list if you can!

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