We all know someone who does it, we may even be guilty occasionally. You know, that little bit of personal information that seemed like a good tweet at the time? Well,  there's a fine line between social media personality and over-sharing and if you're audience wince when they read about your poop a scoop experience, chances are they would have preferred not to have read about it.

Spam, spam, spam

Social media allows marketers to push messages and, well, marketers like to... push their message! All good marketers understand the value of repetition and let's face it, this isn't print or display.  Unit cost? Schmost.


Ok, so if you're either a 16 year old digital native or you learned how to use Facebook from a teenager, it's possible the odd ZOMG might creep into parlance. If you're addressing a business audience though, be careful as your ROFL may quickly become FOAD.

Shameless self promotion

Self promotion is almost written into the terms and conditions of social media, isn't it? That's sort of the point, in a way. After all, how can you update your status or tweet without self promotion of one form or another? Still, there is a line, and if you're crossing it, you're in danger of becoming the @misskatieprice of your industry neighbourhood.

Facebook, foursquare, Twitter, it's all the same to me

Twitter is not Facebook and neither of them is Foursquare. They all do different things and treating them all the same just won't do. Ok, setting Twitter to post status to #FB and LinkedIn is one thing but shouting on 4SQ like it's Twitter only shows that you don't know what you're doing.

Tag paparazzi

You've heard of munchhausens syndrome by proxy but tag paparazzi is more like overshare by proxy. Tag paparazzi think nothing of tagging you in photos, whether you like it or not. Could be a bad photo, could be you on a wild night, the day you called in sick. They don't care.

Negative Nancy

They say the first rule of communication is keep the message positive. Unfortunately a Facebook account doesn't come with media training. Feel like venting your spleen at that special someone?  Resist the urge.

The blurt window

Nobody has time to spare these days, but 10 tweets in 60 seconds, once a day? Really?

I'm not here, I'll ignore your message after the beep

You know the scenario, there's a Facebook profile, Linkedin, Twitter, but nobody monitors them. Never a great customer experience, being ignored. Social media is for life (at least the life of your current marketing plan), not just for Christmas.


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