Mobile smartphones are changing things. Here are ten reasons they won’t change things TOO much:

1. My mobile phone is amazing and convenient, but I wouldn't write a book on one, that would take too long and be frustrating.

2. It's a consumption device, not a production device.

3. The screen is always going to be small.

4. Although we're getting better at coping with them, mobile keyboards are not great and there's only so far that they can improve.

5. Mobile suits sub 20 minute sessions. Our jobs generally require several hours at a time sessions.

6. Mobiles are generalist. Most professionals are specialist. Architects, doctors, engineers won't give up their desktop computers.

7. At their best, mobiles are good enough... For when you don't have a desktop switched on.

8. Mobiles are very, very poor at multitasking.

9. It's a phone. If you're on a call, you're not able to browse/read email/check case notes etc.

10. Wearable computing such as google glass will challenge mobile sooner than we think.

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