Mobile smartphones are changing everything. Here are ten reasons:

1. No boot up time. Mobile operating systems brought us instant on. It's quicker to “google the name of that actor” on your phone than go to your laptop and log on.

2. Unobtrusive Operating System. You're barely aware that there is an operating system. So it becomes about what you're doing, not how.

3. Always with you. Like me, you probably have several devices. My phone is the one that's ALWAYS with me.

4. Always on. Because it’s a phone, it's always charged and always connected.

5. It's your camera. Mobiles have pretty much replaced cameras and are now image broadcast platforms.

6. Location. We're still a bit leery about this but the next 5 years will see location awareness become a very big thing.

7. It's the size of your hand. Sounds trite but the best tools generally are.

8. Everyone has got one. Mobile gets really interesting once everyone is using.

9. We've barely scratched the surface of mobile capabilities, the innovation so far has been handsets. The next innovation will be apps.

10. It's a phone. 170 years on, still arguably the most amazing communications technology ever invented.

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