Google make $24 billion a year, most of it from adwords revenue. If you're bidding without a strategy, you need to read these adwords tips:

  1. Structure – getting the correct adwords account structure is essential. Themed adwords campaigns with small, granular ad groups allow for better targeting and make it easier to do pretty much everything on your account. A well built campaign also allows you to better meet the other points on this list. Make use of search queries to spot any emerging trends which need adding to your account.
  2. Keywords – make sure keyword research is carried out thoroughly using tools such as the Google Keyword tool and make use of the target website for any terms unique to the client/ product. Make use of search queries to add any keyword variations you may be missing, matching on exact rather than broad leads to better CPC’s. Also use search queries to root out negative keywords, adding a negative can greatly improve your CTR which helps with quality score, the more people click your ad, the more Google likes you.
  3. Ad Copy – this area definitely feeds from structure and keywords, the more tightly themed and granular your ad groups and keywords the better targeted your ad copy will be. Using keywords in your adwords copy improves your quality score which should in turn lead to reduced CPC’s.
  4. Landing Pages – ‘deep linking’ is a must do for PPC, don’t just link every ad group and keyword to your home page, or any one page for that matter. Landing pages is another area used by Google to calculate Quality score, the more relevant your landing page the better. Make sure a user has as short a journey as possible from when they click your ad to when they find what they are looking for, e.g. if a user searches ‘adidas running trainers’ link them to your Adidas running trainers page, if you sell Adidas trainers on your site and you don’t have a dedicated Adidas landing page, get one.
  5. Adwords Optimisation – even with all the definite figures involved with PPC this is still a subjective area. Pick the metrics which you feel are the most important to your site and weight them higher than those you don’t. The metrics I always weigh higher are CPC’s, CTR%, conversions and cost per conversion as well as the click to conversion. Whichever of these metrics doesn’t look good to me decides what it is I optimise bids, landing pages, ad copy or if I pause the word altogether.
  6. Testing – Test ad copy, test bids test match types. Test everything you can as much as you can. Test new ad copy variations regularly and make sure it’s up to date with offers and messages. Test new single keywords or whole new ad groups, you may be missing efficient sales. Notice that a specific keyword is performing badly, take a look at it, it might want some negatives adding around it, it might need its landing page updating or it might just want pausing. Your account will never be perfect so keep looking for ways to improve things rather than waiting for an issue to arise which you HAVE to deal with.

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