Phil Blything ran the Liverpool marathon and lived to tell the tale! Here is his thank you to sponsors and supporters:

Firstly, thanks ever so much for sponsoring and supporting me to run the Liverpool Marathon. I personally appreciate it very much.

I wanted to let you know that I completed the marathon in 5 Hours and 6 mins. I was hoping for 4:30 ish, but the last 10 miles were a real challenge! The first half of the race was fantastic - I'd trained plenty around New Brighton so I was ready for that.

Running through the tunnel was quite an experience and every time I drive through now, I still have the memories - runners shouting Oggy Oggy Oggy and the odd one nipping off for an unscheduled pee...

The crowds in Castle street were great and really spurred me on. My Mencap Liverpool vest had my name on so cries of "Come on Phil" kept me going.

The real hard work started on Parliament street and miles 16 through 24 were awful! Never ending parks, rain, cramp etc. One girl running next to me burst into tears when the rain started...

Your support really helped and kept me going, especially by Lark Lane when the lure of a cup of tea and a nice bit of victoria sponge popped to mind for some reason!

The last two miles were fine but I did see one guy literally hopping the last mile to victory. You'll also be pleased to hear that our team raised £4500 for Mencap Liverpool!! As a trustee, I would also like to convey the appreciation of a grateful charity who very much values your support.

Thanks Again!


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