Following several months of intense product development research and software development, Glow have launched a new product targeted specifically at the professional pest control market.

Developed in partnership with Pest Control Portal, the leading UK pest control web site, the product allows small pest controllers to build and launch their own web site in under 15 minutes, for a small monthly fee.

The product is to be marketed through a network of main distributors including Barrettine Environmental Health, Industrial Pesticides, The National Pest Technicians Associaton and Pest Control Portal.

The software was designed to be as simple as possible for the end user, incorporating built in Search Engine Optimisation and promotion through the Pest Control Portal directory – effectively delivering instant traffic and leads without any capital outlay.

Nick Anderson of RPC Pest Control, one of the first customers commented “This is the easiest web site builder I have ever found”.

Although the user experience is very simple and intuitive, the system requires fairly complex integration in order to work. Tiered reseller payments, automated billing and PAYPAL integration are all built in to ensure that the end user and reseller experience remains simple.

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