Homelessness (UK) has more than doubled since 2010.

It’s a complex problem but human kindness is a simple solution, according to the team.

Mum, Carol (45) and daughters Shaunni (25) and Shannon (19) are self starters. One evening, carol and Husband Tony were talking to a homeless man on Dale St and, when Tony gave the man his coat, Carol was so overwhelmed by his reaction, she decided to help regularly.

Now, Hearts4Homeless go out, minimum once per week, usually more, depending on levels of food donations which they receive.

The service depends on donations of food and care products. Whilst the team have been successful using social media to generate food & clothing donations, they need more to support the large and growing homeless community.

It’s very easy to help. Food & Clothing items in need and how to donate are listed here: http://hearts4homeless.org.uk/ .

Hearts4Homeless long term goal is to open a centre for homeless people, where they can shower, eat and be safe throughout the day.

The project was delivered under the Glow Beyond programme which has been running for 10 years.

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