What on earth is a "Google Bio" I hear you ask

Type your name into Google. Your Google Bio is what comes back. We've all got one and most of us have looked at it, whether we admit it in public or not!

It's significant because increasingly, it's not just us looking. Employers, employees, press, people we're meeting next week, the in-laws - "Googling" someone has become commonplace since Larry and Sergei first sat Eric Schmidt in front of his Google bio for his CEO of Google interview.

Quite literally, the world is now forming judgements about us from a range of digital signals and sources but this one is the primary. Are you putting as much thought into that as you do on what tie or shoes you wear for the meeting?

LinkedIn fits into this picture particularly because the mere act of creating a profile on LinkedIn adds a (typically) top 3 hit to your Google bio with a distinctly professional slant. If you're keen on making your Google bio a little more professional or substantial, this a good place to start.

Your Digital Reputation is more important than ever and it's not enough to sit back and passively accept what Google decides to show.

By Phil Blything – Director of Liverpool Digital Marketing Agency, Glow New Media.

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