We all know that achieving our aims is difficult if we have no way to measure our progress, but that’s exactly the problem most organisations face with their web sites.

With very, very few exceptions, websites need to generate some kind of deliverables in order to justify their existence.  These could be direct sales, enquiries, user sign ups, newsletter subscriptions or document downloads to name a few.

Simple enough? Measure those actions (goals), measure your visitors and you have all the information you need in order to in order to understand and improve those deliverables, right?

Not quite.

No matter how good your web stats are, the chances are they don’t link to the goals. That means you know how many goals you’re achieving, and you know plenty about your visitors but here’s the pinch: you don’t know which kind of visitors your site is converting.

If you had that information you could stop wasting effort in areas which don’t bring you results.

Conversion goals are easy to set up and once you have them in place, your marketing becomes so much more effective because you know where to put your efforts. It becomes measurable too.

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