BIMA Digital:Day links digital industries professionals with schools and colleges across the UK to raise awareness of the fantastic opportunities for young people in digital.

Glow took part in Digital:Day 2016 partnering with Alsop High school.

Phil Blything spent the day with learners from the school who heard about what it means to work in the sector, then took part in industry challenges from brands including Cancer Research, TATA and Standard Life.

Phil Blything said "It was refreshing to work with 16, 17 year olds with few preconceptions or learned barriers to their thinking. This year's challenges were fantastic and the learners grabbed hold of the opportunity to imagine and create.

The decision was tough but the clear winner on the day had excelled in concept, execution and presentation."

Challenge 1: 

Digital Day 2016 - Challenge 1 - Sponsored by Cancer Research UK from BIMA on Vimeo.

Challenge 2:

Digital Day 2016 - Challenge 2 - Sponsored by Standard Life from BIMA on Vimeo.

Challenge 3:

Digital Day 2016 - Challenge 3 - Sponsored by Tata Communications from BIMA on Vimeo.


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