Most organisations are content to show a default error, but some seize the opportunity to show some personality, maybe make the user laugh when otherwise they might just have been irritated.

Here are a few of our favorites, maybe you'll find some inspiration to make your 404 top drawer:

CloudSigma -
You can't go far wrong with pictures of cats and cloudSigma diffuse the embarrassment of missing a page by introducing a cat as their Junior Developer".

Magnt -
We're big fans of a Venn diagram and this is a great way to make use of one!

Github - 
One for the star wars geeks! Some nice parallax interaction too.

Blizzard -
Not the most positive, but it makes a smashing impression...

Kickpush -
Bang on meme with a nicely confused travolta.

Iconfinder -
Stylish, sharp and well executed, this 404 gives an individual touch

Red Bull -
This one takes owbership of the 404 moment with a very RedBull experience...

Blue Egg -
Goat, screaming like a human. Of course.

Dudeperfect -
Basketball game while you ponder your missing page? Be prepared, it's far more difficult than it looks.

Figma -
Really nice interactive 404. Literally. Grab handles, vector type.

Hot Dot -
Stylish and on brand, Hot Dot offers an interactive game, of sorts allowing the user to play with the dots making up the 404 message

Bitly -
Cute and interactive, the Bitly 404 page allows the user to animate a fish.

Mashable -
Simple and full of personality, mashable promise us they found our missing socks.

Not strictly 404 pages, we still thought that these were worth an honorable mention:

Twitter Fail Whale

Groupon Unsubscribe
Another classic. Unsubscribing users can often be angry - seeing the poor guy responsible for spamming you get a drink thrown on him arguably deflated some of the anger, but was also met with some criticism.

So that's it for the 404's Do you have any favorites we missed?

We thrive on a challenge. Tell us about yours.

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