Automotive Aftermarket Ecommerce

Automotive aftermarket (the secondary market of the automotive industry) deals with manufacture, distribution, retail and installation of car and vehicle parts, chemicals tools, equipments and accessories for vehicles, after the sale of the automobile by the OEM manufacturer.

Ecommerce has been busy disrupting many industries, from book and music distribution to travel agency.
So what makes Auto Aftermarket different?

Very little.

Because Automotive aftermarket is a smaller market than books, music or travel, it has avoided disruption for longer.

Books music and travel also don’t rely so much on the need to be physically on site for car servicing – often in order to consume car parts and most consumables, the consumer typically takes their car physically to a garage.

Make no mistake though – disruption is coming.

Mobile will be a key driver.

This year, smartphones with free, unlimited internet connectivity have proliferated beyond 10% of the UK population. Price and service comparisons are habitually made from small screens, in store. Now although I’m unlikely to relocate 3 miles to the next supermarket for a slightly cheaper bag of rice, how likely am I to drive 2 miles to the next garage from a difference of £50?...

Similarly, given the growth in ecommerce, even to the point of extinction for some areas of traditional bricks and mortar retail – many purchases for technical parts or accessories start with a search. If the goods are available online, is it necessary to visit the store in person?

Many automotive aftermarket suppliers have been developing their ecommerce offering by way of response, but few are considering how much mobile is going to change the game again.

Have you?

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