Glow recently launched the striking new website for Agent Marketing, the fast growing and dynamic Liverpool marketing agency.

Agent Marketing Liverpool

Agent, formed in 2006 by directors Paul Corcoran, Wayne Malcolm and Jayne Moore, commissioned Glow to produce a website design that reflected its recent growth and would enable the team to make the most of demand from new and existing clients.

Glow's response was a site that looks to replicate the character of the agency online, while showcasing its services across the realms of PR, research, strategy formulation, branding, communications and marketing training.




Competing in the marketing and pr industry is tough at the best of times, it’s basically the same principle that people judge a book by its cover - in this case our book cover is our website. That’s why we chose Glow to create a website that would showcase our unique style in an innovative way.

Paul Corcoran



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