Glow recently delivered our latest medical device app project for NGPOD Global Ltd who launched a new App aimed at helping users & organisations to adopt their game-changing nasogastric tube placement confirmation system.

NGPOD Chief Marketing Officer, Marcus Ineson, explained “NGPOD is very simple to learn and use, but as a result of the pandemic, we wanted to make sure that even when the NGPOD team aren’t with clinicians because of restrictions, they would always have access to information and resources”.

The NGPOD App contains learning resources, instructions for use, and a validation test on the operation of NGPOD. If the user passes the test, they can download a certificate to use as CPD evidence.

Regarding the App content, Marcus Ineson said, “the advantage of the App is that it is in the user's pocket, so they always have access to information when they need it. We are committed to adding value to NGPOD users wherever we can, and the App allows us to update information and share new resources in real-time”.

The NGPOD App is available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Any healthcare professional with an email address from a healthcare organisation can register for full access to the resources. Non-healthcare professionals are limited to a simple explanation video about the NGPOD system.

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