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Phil Blything

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Phil's career as an internet marketer started over 16 years ago - he had a ponytail which he insists was cool at the time. Since then, he’s worked with governments, newspapers, universities and businesses, helping all of them succeed with digital communication.

Before setting up Glow, Phil worked as Commercial Manager for the International Centre for Digital Content, a £26 million project run by Liverpool John Moores University where he was responsible for marketing, commercialising the digital technology produced by the centre, developing its business pipeline and strategic partnerships.

Phil previously worked as Business Development Manager for a leading, award winning Internet agency and also in a range of industries including Biosciences, Telecoms and Tourism.

Phil is actively involved with voluntary and charity trustee work.

Phil first got involved with the internet in '96 when it was a relatively unfashionable part of the "Guerrilla Marketing Mix", and has been fascinated ever since. You can read his blog, New Media Mantra