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Tania Angelis

Office Manager

I'm Tania and I'm in charge of all the admin and the details at Glow. Which means that I take care of our accounting, general admin and project management.

It's my job to make sure that the right people are allocated to the right tasks at the right time to deliver our projects to our clients - whether that project is a simple update of copy on a website or building a mobile phone app from scratch!
I'm also in charge of ordering lunch and refreshments, so if you have a favourite brew or snack when you're coming to visit us, do let me know so I can get it in for you 
Outside of work I have a busy schedule too, walking my two lovely dogs, Alf and Jake, playing with my 4 grandchildren and keeping up with friends and family.  
I love reading and learning new stuff, so I've always got several books (I much prefer real books to Kindle books) on the go, both paper and audio versions.
I also love doing jigsaws - creating order out of chaos has been my super skill for the longest time!  Spotting that little bit of detail that fits the right piece in the right gap - that's me to a T!
And you'll often find me visiting Costa to get my favourite brew - a decaff Cappucino.