Web application development

Glow are experts at web application development and integration, including business process management, recruitment and finance. We can integrate with and extend existing in-house systems or web based applications.

System design

We've all used bad software, and hated it! The best way to make sure your web application is a joy to use is to plan and design it properly. We've been building software for years so we'll guide you through the process.


Visit Chester Touch Screen

The Visitor Information Centre in Chester now features an engaging and interactive touchscreen with interactive maps.

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Intranets and Extranets are an increasingly common way for organisations to ensure that they communicate better and work more efficiently. From coordinating remote sales staff to allowing your customers to access live business information, return on investment is often measurable in just a few months. The things your web application can do are only limited by your imagination but here are just a few we get asked to create regularly:

  • Recruitment and job boards
  • Web portals & directories
  • Secure finance extranets
  • Stock managment & reporting
  • Events managment
  • Membership & subscription services
  • Ecommerce

Usability testing

We always build sites with usability in mind but if you need to make absolutely positively sure that your site meets your users needs, why not ask them? We can design and run user tests with your users. Often they can be very revealing about how your users think.


Need it secure? We can provide 128 Bit Encrypted SSL Security to keep your data and users safe.