Interactive and Viral

Viral Marketing is a powerful way of helping your audience tell their contacts and friends about you. By creating content which is exciting, funny, outrageous or useful, you can help stimulate the referral process.Viral marketing is not for everybody but it can give outstanding results when executed well.

Interactive virals & Flash Games

One of the main types of viral marketing and often one of the most successful are interactive viral games.These are an excellent way to build mailing lists, run competitions, drive engagement and brand awareness. Flash virals can be used to create residual benefits too and are often used and remembered long after the initial campaign.


Viral Video

Although more risky then using interactive virals, Viral videos can be a great way to deliver a powerful message and can scale to a large audience very rapidly. We can develop the concept with you, create the content and orchestrate its release through specialised viral seeding activity.


Viral Seeding

Successful Viral marketing never happens without seeding – the act of releasing the viral campaign into the world in sufficient quantity and carefully chosen locations. Glow New Media will develop your Viral Campaign with the launch and seeding strategy in mind from the outset. We work closely with media partners which allows us to plan and execute the seeding phase of the viral for you.


TATE Liverpool

This intuitive game spread around the globe within 72 hours. Users forwarded it by email and through social networks including Facebook and Twitter. Read More

Conversion & Monitoring

Once it's in the wild, the story has only just begun! Every viral we create is set up to be measurable. You'll know how many actions, plays or downloads have been performed. If it‟s an interactive, you'll know where the users are coming from and you'll see the forwarding activity as it happens! Glow have developed a wide range of viral marketing campaigns for clients in Liverpool, Chester, Manchester and London and throughout the UK.

Viral Marketing Tips

  • Be remarkable
  • Don't make it an overt advert
  • Keep it very, very simple
  • Encourage forwarding

Viral Marketing Myths

  • Viral marketing can't be planned
  • Viral marketing can't be measured
  • Viral marketing is all about video and YouTube
  • Viral is free and always goes big