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Social media marketing

Social Media has been instrumental in changing the way we communicate and not content with merely changing the world, the big brands (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) have more in store for us.

Social Media Strategy

Without doubt, most organisations who use social media for professional communications are wasting a great deal of time with little return. Activity without strategy is unlikely to be effective. We help organisations understand where the risks and rewards are and to set policy accordingly.

Kings College Cambridge Chapel  CC-BY-SA http://www.andrewdunnphoto.com/

Cambridge University Colleges

Glow created a bespoke course and spent several days on site at the famous Fitzwilliam college working with staff from many of the colleges of Cambridge University. Read More

Building your Followers

If you decide that social media is for your organisation, then your activity will generate results in proportion to the amount of followers you have access to. We can work with you to grow the numbers and more importantly, help you enrich the relationships which are ultimately the measure of your success.

Social Media Training and Skills Transfer

At the heart of any successful social media strategy is an understanding of social media. Skills transfer is inherent in the way we work with you. We often get asked to arrange specific, social media training for clients to bring skills to their in house teams - we're happy to deliver bespoke social media training to your team in a way that suits you. We can do that at our studio in Liverpool or bespoke at your location.

Social Media Marketing and Campaigns

If you’ve decided that Social Media has earned a formal place in your marketing mix and you need to drive engagement, Social Media Marketing will help. We can find the right mix of in house skills and agency support from us to create and manage customised social media campaigns that give you measurable results.