Email Marketing

Building relationships is a vital aspect of communicating with your market. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to do that but used in the wrong way, it can make your communications look amateurish, cheapen your brand and even put you on the wrong side of the law.


Liverpool Chamber

"We are delighted with the results. Opens and click-throughs have already increased All in all it was a sound investment."

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Our simple and powerful Email Marketing system avoids the problems and risks associated with “cut and paste” emails and gives you precise control and detailed feedback.

  • Professional Email Design - Great looking communications every time
  • Comprehensive reporting - Know who received, read and clicked
  • Frequent Use – remind customers you’re there and build relationships
  • Auto unsubscribe – keeps your mailings legal
  • Precision targeting – talk to your customers, not your competitors
  • Cost effective – less than the cost of a few thousand flyers
  • Measurable – quantify responses, leads and purchases

Highly effective, fully measurable and more affordable than you might think, Email Marketing gives you a reusable marketing tool that you can use to drive your business forward and get tangible results.

Cross Platform Email Marketing outlook hotmail gmail thunderbird

Cross Platform

Do your email campaigns look amazing in all of these email environments? We make sure our campaigns look great across all major clients.


Comprehensive Email Marketing Reports

Email Marketing Sales Conversion Funnel

Email Marketing offers powerful and near instant visibility of who clicks what, identifiable down to the individual and the links they click.

List Management

We can help you manage your email list subscribers to ensure that you are up to date, legal and that your subscribers have the option to automatically unsubscribe. We can help augment your lists by backfilling data if you need more complete records. We can even help you to grow your list with different techniques such as viral marketing campaigns and competitions.



Knowledge Transfer comes as standard when you work with Glow New Media but if you have bigger plans, maybe it’s time you turned your marketing team into email marketing experts? We’ll help you do that by running training specific to their needs.

Email Personalisation

Some of the best results come with personalisation. Email Marketing allows you to do so much more than address the recipient by name. We can create emails which are so personal, that the user can receive a “cheque for one million pounds” made out to them or even a “newspaper which the postman has written their name on”