Car Service Booking System

ebeepbeep is a national service which allows consumers to book their car servicing and MOT online. Backed up by a vast network of garages, the website simplifies the process down to only a few form fields.

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In order to make the customer experience of booking a car service online so simple, Glow designed the ecommerce website and integrated it with various systems including VRM License Plate Lookup from DVLA and Postcode lookup.

The end result allows the website to identify the exact make and model of the car, price the service accurately and show available garages within a few miles.

Once the user has booked and paid, the experience is managed by the website which reminds the garage and customer with emails and text messages. The customer even receives driving directions to the garage.

Result: Gross sales revenue from the new site exceeded the project fee in less than 6 Months. Web User Magazine rated the site as "...wonderfully straightforward to use"

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