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Cloud Cuckoo World

Cloud Cuckoo World is an interactive language learning tool to support Key Stage 2 non statutory framework for languages at school and at home.

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Brief: Create a unique, innovative online interactive educational tool to deliver dual language illustrated stories to teachers and parents for LS1 & KS2 learners.

Glow created a technically innovative (HTML5) web based interactive which allows language learners to go at their own pace through dual language stories, which support suggested topics of study for primary aged clildren.

The stories feature the wonderful birds of Cloud Cuckoo World. Colourful characters like Toco the Toucan, Cosmo the Cockrell, Mr Malakin the Medicine Bird and Oakey the Owl all help to teach the learner a new language with their cute stories and interactive places.

The site is fully ecommerce enabled and aimed at Teachers and parents looking to help children learning a new language under the national curriculum.

We spent a long time searching for the right company to bring our website to life. Glow listened to our ideas and helped us every step of the way. We are thrilled with the result!

Cloud Cuckoo World

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