52 Weekends by the sea


52 Weekends by the sea, a stunning travel book published by Virgin needed a website up to the task of showcasing the critically acclaimed book. Rave reviews from the Sunday Telegraph, The Independent and Waterstones and a forward from Rick Stein make the book a high profile item.

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After landing a two book deal, the authors needed to create a website every bit as remarkable as the book itsself. Craig Easton’s photography is renowned and it was critical that the website make the best use of it.

As each of the weekends has its own unique location on the map, Glow created a customised interactive map drawing in dynamic content which is fully styled up to give the user a memorable interactive experience and really get to grips with the unique geography of the locations.

52 weekends by the sea is a smart stylish sassy book that's received great critical acclaim and we were determined to ensure the same quality on our website. Glow have delivered that for us and it's been a pleasure to work with their creative team.

52 Weekends by the sea

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